Blindspot recap: Jane and Remi go to war

<em>Blindspot</em> recap: Jane and Remi go to war

We’ve been waiting a long time for Jane and Remi to finally have their showdown. The season is only nine episodes old, but it feels like we’ve been stuck with Jane’s “secret” for a long time. It was a narrative that’s been wearing thin these last few weeks, holding back the season from its true potential. Now though, we’re finally here, at the moment of reckoning. After weeks of Remi hiding herself, Weller finally found out about the personality that came back from the dead. When the fall finale aired, Jane and Weller were on a literal collision course, running at each other in an abandoned warehouse, the reliable site of so many of Blindspot‘s fights.

As ‘Check Your Ed’ begins, Weller and Jane are throwing down in said warehouse. Weller is still trying to talk Jane out of Remi, trying to coax her back into existence, but Remi has fully taken over. So, he has no choice but to stick her with a needle, which knocks her out, and then bring her into the FBI. While Reade and Weitz arrest Zapata in Mexico, a special doctor is brought in to see Jane. Patterson, Rich, and this doctor think they’re ready to try the experimental procedure they found on Roman’s data caches, and Weller gives them the go-ahead. This is it. Either Jane finally comes back, or she dies in the process.

What follows is a fun, inventive, thrilling episode that takes us inside the battle over Jane’s mind. Look, there’s nothing all that compelling about a medical procedure doing its thing and healing Jane, so Blindspot has to find a way to make that exciting. Rather than simply cut to other story lines and just let the medical drama unfold on the periphery, the show decides to visualize Jane’s struggle. The majority of the episode takes place inside Jane’s head, as she tries to get herself back to normal and rid her brain of Remi once and for all.

That kind of playful storytelling means the show can get weird and ridiculous, making this one of the best hours of the season. The trip inside Jane’s head begins when we see her back inside that black duffel bag in Times Square. She escapes once again, and is brought into the FBI for questioning, her season 1 arc starting all over again. Things are different this time though. Weller’s older, and in the interrogation room the two try to figure out what’s going on. When Jane touches him she suddenly remembers who he is and what they mean to each other. She sees their relationship, their love. Still, she doesn’t know what’s happening. What does all of this mean? Then, when she wanders out of the interrogation room, she sees what she’s up against. Remi, sitting menacingly in a red-tinted room, is in full control, and Jane must work through a variety of puzzles to get to her.

In order to complete those puzzles, Jane needs help from her friends. Her memories slowly come back as she calls on Patterson, Reade, Zapata, and Rich for help. In one of the episode’s funnier moments, Dream Zapata shows up and everyone says hi to her…except Dream Reade, who immediately says “I love you.” Anyway, once the team is figuratively back together, they can get down to solving puzzles. An elaborate set of clues leads Jane to a box, the one Weller and her have to open together, which reveals a key once it’s opened. That lets Jane out of the room, but the team can’t come with her. It’s just her and Weller now, wandering through dark hallways and getting on a shady-looking elevator. That’s all part of Remi’s plan though. She slams the doors shut before Weller can get in, and that leaves him and Jane isolated from each other. (Recap continues on next page)

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