Legacies recap: Jo gets a chance to say goodbye

<em>Legacies</em> recap: Jo gets a chance to say goodbye

Well, if you wanted to know what to expect from Legacies, I feel like the first six episodes should’ve solidified things for you. You can expect the fun absurdity of something like a dragon attacking the town. You can expect the oh-so-teenage moments of the Mystic Falls High teens playing pranks on the “rich Salvatore School kids.” You can expect the romance and heartbreak of first love. And you can expect the kind of deeply emotional moments that this week’s episode delivered as Jo got to say goodbye to Alaric and hello to her girls.

The episode starts with Ric on the phone with Caroline. It seems she’s going to miss the twins’ 16th birthday party and according to Ric, he “can’t exactly tell them what you’re really involved in,” so the mystery of what Caroline is off doing lives on … at least for 30 more minutes or so. But when Jo, Ric’s dead fiancée, walks through the doors of his office in her bloody wedding dress from the Vampire Diaries season 6 finale, he hangs up his phone and grabs a crossbow. Naturally, Ric’s first instinct says that Jo could be the next monster coming for the knife, but she claims she was “yanked awake” and arrived here.

Dorian suggests they interrogate her, so Ric has Emma — who leaves behind a smitten Hope — put up a boundary spell around his office so they can figure out what’s going on. Jo changes out of her wedding dress and tells Ric that the last thing she remembers is her psychopath twin brother with a very large knife. Yeah, that happened 16 years ago … sorry, Jo. But before Ric can find out more, his daughters come knocking. Penelope broke the news that Caroline will miss their party, and they are not happy. When Ric tries to shoo them away, they use magic to bust into his office, and that’s where they meet “bio mom,” as Lizzie calls her.

Ric quickly updates Jo on how the twins are alive — her coven magically implanted them in Caroline, who married Stefan, but then Stefan died (RIP!), and now Caroline is overseas doing “recruiting” work. Ric then pulls out the supernatural lie detector to get some answers, but all evidence is pointing to this being Jo, and Josie, for one, seems very excited.

While all of this is going down, Hope is giving Rafael dance lessons. After a failed attempt on her part to apologize for sending Landon away, Raf asks for her help seeing as how he’s never been to a fancy party and he doesn’t want to let Lizzie down because he slept with her. So Hope agrees to show him how to be a proper escort, but their lessons end up being longer than expected when Penelope traps them in the gym with a spell and forces them to miss the start of the party. See, Penelope made an agreement with MG: She’ll keep Raf away long enough for MG to take his shot with Lizzie but if it doesn’t work, MG has to quit Lizzie Saltzman for good. He agrees.

Upstairs, Jo is helping Lizzie get ready for their party while Lizzie explains that even though they’re mad at their mom, they can’t cheat on Caroline with “mombie dearest.” With that line, Lizzie heads down the party, leaving Jo to find a present from Hope — a locket that she quickly puts on. Penelope then offers to be Josie’s escort, but Josie’s not interested. Instead, she goes to find out if Jo can braid hair.

While Lizzie enters the party and meets her new escort (in a very TVD throwback moment to Damon stepping in during Miss Mystic Falls), Josie gets to know her bio mom. As Josie puts it, Lizzie is exactly like Caroline. You’d never guess Caroline wasn’t her biological mom. But Josie takes after Jo, which is why Josie’s so excited she’s here. After all, Josie worries that Ric is lonely.

But when Josie invites her bio mom to her party, things take a turn. On the walk over, Jo collapses, and when she wakes up she’s not herself. Her eyes are white and her face is a skeleton, and she attacks Josie. (Next: Jo says her goodbyes)

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